Our Services

As a mortgage broker, I work as an intermediary between you and the mortgage lenders.  I work for you but on the vast majority of residential mortgages, there is no fee to you for our service.  You will benefit from my 20 years of experience and strong relationships with the underwriters.  Prior to that I owned and operated a company with operations in Canada and overseas.  You will benefit from the knowledge I gain working with multiple different financial instruments due to our business activity.  My experience as an entrepreneur results in my being referred to other entrepreneurs;  I very clearly understand the challenges faced by self-employed borrowers, those of you who are business for self or BFS.

Our company has over 20-years of experience and operates BC to Ontario, and soon to open in Quebec.  As such we have over 200 brokers submitting on behalf of buyers, those refinancing, those renewing, in Calgary and well beyond – that volume does not go unnoticed.  When exceptions to policy are needed, we find that often things can lean in our favour.  We have strong connections to another national network which means that I can facilitate mortgages in every province in Canada.

We work with first-time buyers seeking new mortgages.  We help people refinance their homes perhaps to pay off high-interest debt or renovate for more work and study spaces.

We consult on mortgage renewals.  In some cases you are not receiving the best interest rates being offered to new borrowers.  We think that is wrong.  At no cost to you we can often remedy that situation.  A study last year revealed that 84% of the borrowers renewing their mortgages got a lower rate – just be taking action.

When the situation calls for it, you will benefit from my knowledge of American mortgages and how they differ from Canadian mortgages.  I can help you if you are New to Canada from anywhere around the world.  I can help you understand how to finance properties in the US and in the Caribbean.

If you are 55 or older, or if you are looking out for someone 55 or older, you can take the benefit of my knowledge of Reverse Mortgages.  Reverse mortgage products have helped seniors stay in their homes, ageing in place, in some cases renovating for accessibility and quality of life.  Reverse mortgages have helped people eliminate bothersome debt.  They can also be used to provide funds to help other family members or even provide the funds for that trip of a lifetime.

Not all mortgage borrowers are the same, not all mortgages are the same.  Let us help you understand the choices you have and make informed decisions.